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Welcome to the Yes on Measure E website for the Campaign for Irvine Schools! 

Measure E is a School Facility Improvement Measure that will keep Irvine schools among the best in California and the nation.   


While some of Irvine’s most recently built schools have modern classrooms, science labs and school facilities, others do not. Over half of our schools are more than 30 years old and need critical updates to support 21st-century learning and maintain the quality of education for which Irvine schools are known.  

Measure E will modernize older schools so they meet the same safety and academic standards as the newer schools. This will ensure all students develop the needed skills to succeed in the 21st-century economy and have the solid background in science, math, and technology to be ready for college. 

The Campaign for Irvine Schools is a grassroots effort led by parents, teachers, homeowners, business community leaders, local elected leaders and others to help keep Irvine schools among the very best and protect our local property values. 

Please visit the Volunteer page of this website to sign up to help today.  You may also visit the Endorsements page to add your name to our list of supporters or visit the Donate page to make a financial contribution to our volunteer-led campaign.

This important measure requires support from 55% of local voters and it won’t pass without your help.

Join parents, teachers and community leaders in supporting Measure E for Irvine schools.